About us

Voxygen provides human-like speech synthesis solutions and creates personalized brand voice, a strategic component of your corporate identity. By generating voice, we advance the revolution of Voice Assistance and Voice commerce. Be a Voice, not an echo!

World-class enterprises and leading companies in their own market ( telecommunications, travel and transportation, banking and insurance, utilities, robotics, automotive, software, electronics, etc.) look to Voxygen to improve their customer experience, to personalize their services and products to their customers’ expectations and above all to help them create a voice identity or a Brand voice inter-operable on all their channels.

Voice is a unique interface with the capability to convey the deepest emotional elements that are the real drivers of customer value.

Voxygen is headquartered in Pleumeur-Bodou, France and has offices in Paris and Rennes. Voxygen started its operations in 2011, as a spin off from Orange Group, bringing more than 20 years of Research & Development of speech technologies to the benefits of its customers.


Route du Radôme,
Pôle Phoenix
Bâtiment B1
22560 Pleumeur-Bodou


Centre d'affaires REGUS,
2 rue Claude Chappe
35510 Cesson Sévigné