Voice assistance is vital for both doctors and patients

Around the world, healthcare providers and services are keen to spend their limited budgets efficiently to provide the highest possible standard of healthcare. By integrating the game changer that is high-quality speech synthesis into your digital healthcare solutions, you can exceed these expectations and make next-level healthcare available to all.

“Less admin, more care” thanks to your voice assistant

In today’s hospitals and clinics, medical staff must spend a frustrating amount of time carrying out administrative tasks – writing reports, filling in forms and recording their patient notes. An intelligent voice assistant can lighten the load by allowing medical staff not only to record patient notes and details on the fly, but also to access that information as needed.

Text to speech always keeps you posted

With Voxygen’s text-to-speech technology, requests for patient details and medical reports can be read out on-demand, eliminating the need for manual scanning through written notes. Furthermore, physicians and nurses can be continually kept up to speed with developments in patients’ conditions in real time as they go about their work.

Hands-free and clean voice interactions

With voice interaction as the go-to medium for medical staff to access important medical data, the need for typing and swiping on shared hospital IT equipment decreases, thus reducing the risk of staff inadvertently spreading viruses and bacteria by continually touching the same surfaces.

Personalized assistant for caregiving and telemedicine

With a warm, compassionate and professional voice, an AI-based virtual phone assistant can interact with out-patients and concerned members of the public with discretion and care. As a first point of contact with callers, these assistants can enquire about patient symptoms, identify risks to their health, give reassurance, pass callers on to relevant medical personnel and record important patient information to be relayed to medical staff when needed.

Voice includes

Voiced healthcare services provide those with visual impairments and reading difficulties with the ability to request reports and medication schedules to be read to them on demand through a professional, contextualised voice, ensuring maximum intelligibility and, furthermore, the appropriate tone. By adapting to context, Voxygen’s voices are always fit for purpose - comforting, informative, academic or even authoritative, but always impressive.

Voice-enabled healthcare services and wearables

Advancements in healthcare are by no means confined to the hospital. Whether by helping patients manage their medication schedules and chronic conditions, or by encouraging us to maintain healthy bodies and minds, voice-enabled devices and services offer profound benefits for our well-being at home. Thanks to wearable technology, many metrics of our health can now be remotely monitored. In addition, with the appropriate voice, healthcare providers can now empower their patients to manage their own health or seek appropriate health support. Through digital channels, patients can find and call doctors, ask for test reports and medication schedules, and participate in follow-up questionnaires on their conditions all while interacting with a helpful, caring voice.

A voice assistant as your medical coach

A digital medical coach can assist patients with managing their chronic conditions as well as nutritional and exercise requirements. Since prevention is better than cure, reminders and encouragements to eat well, take correct medication, or follow necessary guidelines during an epidemic act as a major step forward for preventive healthcare. In addition, by checking how they’re feeling, a medical coach can keep their patient on track with their recovery and alleviate the pressure placed on the patient’s family and carers