Voice synthesis tailored to Traveller Information Systems

In the modern day, travellers are becoming increasingly demanding: they now expect nothing short of a fast, easy and personalised travel experience. Travellers need up-to-date, pertinent and easily comprehensible travel information delivered in real-time at each stage of their journey, before they set off, while passing through a terminal or once already seated onboard.

Enrich your traveller information with expressive TTS voice

As the demand for public transport rises and the market opens to growing competition, Traveller Information has become a core focus for travel and transport companies, alongside longstanding concerns such as traveller safety or service regularity. In addition, Traveller Information services have the dual function of propagating a transport company’s brand and identity.

Information is safety

In recent years, the dramatic increase of passenger numbers has driven an equally dramatic expansion in travel infrastructure (airports, train stations, intracity transit networks) for people to navigate. Naturally, better informed travellers result in safer, more efficient transport services; so, the quality, efficiency and scalability of Traveller Information is becoming increasingly important and strategic.

Real-time is expected

To improve traveller satisfaction, real-time is key. Travellers expect frequent, relevant updates both prior to and during their journey: departure times, travel times, weather conditions, delays, incidents, emergency alerts. These need to be communicated directly, dynamically and in real-time.

Natural sounding voice is vital for travel

Don’t give your travellers the silent treatment. Voice is the most natural, intuitive and efficient means of keeping travellers informed while on the move. Furthermore, through de- livery and intonation, Voice has the innate capability to communicate the intent of a message clearly and unambiguously.

Homogeneity of experience across customers’ journey High-Quality and Multilingual Voice Synthesis allows you to provide consistency across the entire customer journey in all your applications and channels: real-time announcements in public areas (such as stations and trains, airport terminals and planes, buses and coaches), special accessibility needs (ticketing kiosks, personalised travel information), and all kinds of customer-relationship media (telephony, virtual assistants, websites, mobile apps). Ensuring homogeneity of the customer experience across the journey is a key mark of quality for your services.

Human voice synthesis

Automatising your Traveller Information System with high- quality voice synthesis completely removes the need, time and cost associated with ongoing human recordings - each time new voice material is required, you enter the corresponding new text and the rest is simply generated by software. A pseudo-assembly of heterogeneous, language-dependent, static audio has a high cost of production, maintenance and upgradability. In contrast, Human-like Voice Synthesis provides dynamic, real-time, personalised and multilingual Traveller Information.