Voxygen Studio for NTTS voices, new interface!



🔊 Voxygen has launched its new Voxygen Studio interface!

Voxygen Studio3 has been designed to simplify and enrich the experience of generating text-to-speech voice messages.

More user-friendly interface Our new interface has been designed to offer a smoother, more intuitive user experience. You can simply copy and paste or edit your text and view your audio changes on the text in the editing window. Thanks to simplified navigation through the sound rendering control menus and features accessible with a single click, you can create voice messages quickly and easily.

🎙️ Fluid and realistic neural TTS voices Immerse yourself in a world where text-to-speech reaches new heights of realism. Voxygen Studio3 incorporates exceptionally fluid NTTS (Neural Text-to-Speech) AI voices in a multitude of languages, enabling you to create voice messages that sound as lifelike as the human voice. This technology gives you unrivalled clarity and expressiveness for more authentic audios.

🚀 Innovative new features  Our tool has been enhanced with new advanced features to give you total control over your voice messages. Add pauses, control pronunciation and create lexicons. Easily change the pitch, volume and speed of your voice. Add background music, change the AI voice within the message and personalise every aspect to suit your preferences. With our advanced editing tools, give free rein to your creativity to produce unique voice messages.

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🥸 Detailed online documentation  From the Voxygen Studio interface, you have online access to detailed user documentation.  It will guide you step by step to discover and master all the features of the solution and give you advice and best practices for obtaining the best possible audio rendering for your messages.

🌟 Explore new possibilities with our unique professional TTS interface and discover a new dimension of text-to-speech with ever more realistic voices. Contact us to try our tool today and be amazed by the power and realism of Voxygen's digital voices.