Speech synthesis: Voice Generation for Generation Voice

A defining characteristic of the human experience, Voice speaks to us and also within us.
The most natural interface between humans and machines, Voice lets us experience a deeper emotional connection than ever possible through type or touch. What interests us are words as they are spoken. Text transformed to spoken language.
By generating Voice, we advance the Revolution of Voice Assistance & Voice Commerce.
Now, Voice is the uniting common factor across the generations. View more

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Let's colour your digital voice

With the rise of voice interaction, finding your Voice is becoming increasingly strategic. Voice interaction has a uniquely powerful and emotional impact on how your brand is perceived. From a digital transformation perspective, it is therefore vital that you stand out with your very own Brand Voice!

Revitalize Your Brand identity!

Breathe life into your products and services. Upgrade your customer experience. Voxygen’s voices let you connect with your customers like never before through truly relevant and personal interactions. Now voice is the stand-out component of your Brand identity.

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Be a Voice, not an Echo!

In the modern, digital world, it’s all too easy for brands to let their hard-earned customer relationships fall into the hands of the tech giants. Voice commerce is an opportunity for all. So, don’t fade into the background. Differentiate with voice but make it Your Own Voice!

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Your own personalized voice assistant

A voice that simply sounds “natural” is not enough to fully convey the intent of a message. You wouldn’t warn someone in the same tone in which you would thank them. Your voice will be enriched and tailored to your own unique use cases.

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Some applications of speech synthesis

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Our Cloud TTS solutions

Voxygen’s solutions transform text into human-like expressive speech and generate high-quality audio messages in a variety of languages. With its easy-to-use API, Voxygen can help you enrich your voice interactions and let you connect with customers like never before.