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Solution description

Voxygen provides you with all the technology and expertise needed to create a personalised voice that truly embodies your brand values. Our process is fluid, efficient and scrupulously respects your specifications and constraints. Voxygen supports you throughout the project: from the specification of the voice to the choice of the voice talent and fine-tuning the voice to your various use cases.



High-quality brand voice: a voice with perfect fluidity and clarity.

Adapting vocabulary: add terms specific to your sector to lexicons for perfect pronunciation.

Adding expressiveness: enrich your voice with paralinguistic nuances and emotions.

High-level standard interfaces: Adjust and control your voice with standards such as SSML and PLS.

Voice availability on all your channels via Voxygen's TTS solutions

Voice creation methodology

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Specification of the voice

In close collaboration with the client, Voxygen qualifies the characteristics of the digital voice with a view to casting the choice of voice talent. We draw on interaction data from the Client's operational services and on the use cases envisaged. We then define the guidelines for the voice that will best embody the brand's values:

  • gender
  • age
  • timbre,
  • tone
  • expressiveness

Casting et recording

Based on the characteristics of the voice, a casting is organised to propose speakers to the client on the basis of:

  • a casting script
  • an evaluation grid

Once the choice has been validated and the contractual conditions established, we proceed with the studio recording.


Voice creation and delivery

From the recordings we learn an AI model of the voice using machine learning.

The voice is personalised and includes:

  • personalised lexicons
  • customer-specific pronunciation rules.


Once tested, the voice is delivered to the customer for acceptance. During this phase we provide :

  • an acceptance corpus
  • a free Voxygen Studio license
  • advice and expertise in adjusting the voice.

The Voxygen advantage

Personalised support at every stage of your project


Expertise and advice

Our technological expertise is our driving force. Our project managers, voice experts and technical experts support you at every stage of the project.


Respecting speakers' value

In the age of artificial intelligence, the job of voice talents is changing. Voxygen guarantees actors transparency on the use of their digital voice within a project. In the case of a brand voice, the voice is exclusive and its use is defined in agreement with the client.


Easy integration

Once created, your brand voice can be used on all Voxygen text-to-speech solutions. You will therefore not have to make any specific integration effort whether you use it on SaaS or on-premise solutions, your voice will be available on the Voxygen software you have chosen.

French Railway Company

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"Voxygen Support has always responded appropriately when needed. The business is very responsive, everything is going very well."

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"Voxygen offers a complete range of solutions for operating our Telmi and HelloïZ branded voices on all our communication channels.”

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"The collaboration with Voxygen during this voice creation project was efficient, constructive and friendly"

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