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Multiply your audio content with speech synthesis from Voxygen! Create your editorial content, podcasts, audiobooks, games and applications with captivating, realistic voices.


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Audio guides, applications touristiques

Audio books


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Information on demand

In a world where information is increasingly consumed on the move, offer your readers the chance to listen to your articles. Convert your written content into audio using Voxygen's voice synthesis. Whether it's during the daily commute, a sports session or even moments of relaxation, give your subscribers the option of listening to your articles, editorials and columns in a pleasant and fluid way.

Diversity of content

Multimedia platforms and online radio are booming. With the power of AI, imagine online radio stations offering continuous programmes, tailored in real time to listeners' preferences, from news bulletins to innovative radio plays. For podcasts, diversify your offering by proposing episodes produced entirely by voice synthesis, introducing unique characters and narrators for ever more avant-garde content.

Simple and extensive vocalisation of your content

Choose the ease of voice synthesis and the diversity of voices available to create your audio guide content for museums or exhibitions, or the content of your tourism applications. A simple interface lets you choose your languages and voices, and create and modify your audio content quickly and independently. Your updates will be easy and guaranteed with the same voice.

An engaging voice for your stories

Turn more books into captivating audio experiences with expressive voices that bring characters to life and create total immersion for listeners. Use text-to-speech to make books accessible to everyone, including the visually impaired or those who prefer audio to reading. For high-volume audio productions, Voxygen offers tailored solutions.

A voice-enhanced user experience

Enhance the user experience of your games and applications by adding realistic, personalised voices. Whether for dialogue or narration, Voxygen's voice synthesis or voice cloning adds an extra dimension to your interactive creations. You can also use voice synthesis in pre-production during your design phases. And why not have the hero take on the player's voice?

Voxygen’s advantages

Expertise, advice, customisation


Expertise and advice

Voxygen is your voice partner. Choosing the right voice for a specific use case, whether it's a catalogue voice or a personalised voice, is essential for an optimal user experience. That's why our expertise in text-to-speech and our in-depth knowledge of our voices are at your service. Our project managers, voice experts and technical experts will support and advise you at every stage of the project.


Advanced customisation

Voxygen provides you with all the expertise you need to customise your text-to-speech system using SSML, rules or lexicons. The lexicons, for example, enable foreign words, unusual proper or product names, acronyms, etc. to be pronounced correctly. We give customers access to this customisation either independently or as part of a service. We can also create a personalised voice to embody the values you wish to convey.


Easy integration

We make integrating our solutions as easy as possible. With standardised APIs and user-friendly interfaces, our technology integrates easily with your existing platforms and applications. Our team will help you get to grips with the solution so that you can deploy text-to-speech quickly and effectively in your system, adding a new dimension to your communications and products.

French railway company

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« The Voxygen Studio interface is practical and easy to use. It fully meets my needs in terms of customisation and flexibility »

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Audio Announcements Project Manager

Brand Identity and Design

Personalised voices for voice banking assistants

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"The Studio interface is user-friendly and collaboration with Voxygen is straightforward"

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Marie Marquet

Contact Administrator - Deployment Organiser 

Combining digital and natural voice

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« The collaboration with Voxygen during this voice creation project was efficient, constructive and friendly »

Elsa Sibileau-Verdon

MAAF Assurances

Marketing & Communication

Brand and Media

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Customised voice


A user interface for creating audio messages

Give free rein to your creativity by producing voice content tailored to your use cases. Our rich, user-friendly interface gives you total control over your audio messages: you can adapt pronunciation, voice characteristics, speed and intonation of the message as you wish.

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Using speech synthesis in SaaS mode

By accessing Voxygen's TTS in SaaS mode, no need for integration. Simply make your customer applications speak, by sending your requests via our API, for fluid voice communications in real time.

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Host your text-to-speech solution

Deploy your text-to-speech solution on site for autonomous, automated interaction management and total control over data confidentiality. Voxygen Server provides MRCP and HTTPS interfaces to cover your various use cases (telephony, web, etc.). Our solution is easy to integrate and highly scalable to adapt to the volume of your projects.

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A voice tailored to your needs

Give yourself a synthetic voice that reflects your values and is adapted to your specific use cases. Voxygen will work with you throughout the voice creation project, from defining your needs to choosing the voice-talent and fine-tuning the voice to suit your target audience.

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On-board speech synthesis for offline use

Give voice to your embedded applications: vehicles, household robots, home automation systems. Voxygen Device enables offline use that adapts to your hardware constraints: integration environment, memory capacity, CPU performance.

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