Speech Synthesis: Voice Generation for Generation Voice

First, a bit of etymology:
Vox: means voice, sound and modulation of the voice, but also word, speech, flow, language
Gen: signifies the act of generation, of formation, but also genesis and birth
Literally then, Voxygen is: “that which generates voice”, that which creates speech.
What interests us are “words as they are spoken”. Text transformed to spoken language, Text-to-Speech

The best Voice Generation for the Voice-First Revolution

Within “Voxygen” there is also “Oxygen” - an element that is absolutely vital for voice, in the truest sense of the word. Oxygen gives rise to voice in its role as the life-giving element. Voice is everywhere: the defining feature of the human experience.

Voice speaks to us, and also speaks within us. Voice resonates deep inside, stirring up a wealth of different emotions from the core of our being. What is said, what is truly spoken can never be reduced to the content of the words themselves. Voice is inherently greater than the sum of its parts.

Furthermore, voice is a uniquely powerful tool that we all have in common, regardless of age. Indeed, it is what lets us share and hold onto memories from throughout the ages, reconnecting and strengthening the bond between the very oldest and the very youngest in society. Voice Generation is for all generations.

In the field of sociology, the generations of the 21st Century are often divided into specific groups according to their respective ages and the key events that shaped them as they grew up. Traditionally, these take the form of the following groups:

  • The Baby-boomers (those born between 1946 and 1965)
  • Generation X (those born between 1965 and 1980)
  • Generation Y or Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000)
  • Generation Z (those born after 2000)
  • Generation Alpha (those born after 2010)

When discussing these four generations, attention is normally paid to that which divides them. How do they differ in terms of their core values, their behaviour and their stereotypical attributes? Such differences are generally considered to be what leads to the much-discussed social friction and animosity between the generations. What if we chose instead to focus on our similarities and not our differences?

At Voxygen, we focus on one key similarity. It is similarities, after all, that have the power to unite, to reconcile, to bond, to connect, to bring together. This approach is what has led us to unearth a brand-new generation:

Generation Voice is ready for voice assistance and voice commerce

Unlike those mentioned above, Generation Voice inclusively refers to any individual, no matter his/her age, gender, nationality, education, social or professional stratum, who embraces voice as their preferred means of communication, as their interface of choice. It encompasses all who believe that voice is inherently richer, more natural, more intuitive and more efficient than text ever could be.

It is voice that has the unique capacity to liberate us from our screens, letting us communicate with rest of the world all while looking forward, not down. Generation Voice is also looking for fast, efficient and personalized voice experience.

Voice Branding

Brands that want to build a deeper relationship with the Generation Voice need to create and tailor their own brand voice. Learn more "Let’s colour your brand voice"