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An intuitive tool for personalising your messages to perfection.


Solution description

For a complete control of your audio content

The Voxygen Studio interface gives you precise control over text-to-speech so you can tailor your messages to your specific needs. This tool offers an intuitive user interface that allows you to adjust every aspect of the audio output, from voice selection to phonetic modulation. You don't need to be an audio or technology expert to use Voxygen Studio. Just choose the language and voice, and you're ready to customise your audio content like a pro. With Voxygen Studio, you have the power to captivate your audience by refining every nuance of your voice message. Discover how it can transform the way you communicate.



Text editing: Start with your initial message, and adjust it at any time.

Choice of voices: Select one voice or combine several voices in the same message.

Silence optimisation: Insert or delete pauses and adjust their duration.

Pronunciation control: define the pronunciation of any business term and add it to a personal lexicon.

Voice settings: Modify the speed, volume, pitch and timbre of your voice to achieve the tone you want.

Sound design: Add background music to reinforce the emotional impact of your message.

Export: Save your message as an SSML file or export the audio in the desired format.

The Voxygen advantage

A simple, powerful and intuitive interface


An efficient professional interface

Voxygen is constantly striving for simplicity in the use of its text-to-speech solutions by non-specialists. Voxygen Studio offers an intuitive interface with essential menus for fast and relevant professional results. In addition, the Voxygen team is always available to answer questions and help users get started.


Expertise et conseil

Voxygen is your voice partner and will support and advise you in setting up your project. Choosing the right voice for a specific use case, whether it is a catalogue voice or a personalised voice, is essential for an optimal user experience. That's why our expertise in text-to-speech and our in-depth knowledge of our voices are at your service.


Sécurité et robustesse

Voxygen vous fournit un compte sécurisé par identifiant unique et mot de passe. Notre infrastructure est hébergée sur un cloud souverain européen. Nous nous engageons à ne pas stocker vos données d’interactions sauf si vous nous le demandez pour des raisons d’assistance. Notre infrastructure est haute disponibilité vous garantissant un accès permanent à notre service.

"The Voxygen Studio interface is user-friendly and collaboration with Voxygen is straightforward"

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Marie Marquet

BNP Contact Administrator - Deployment Organiser 


TTS for the French Railways

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"The Voxygen Studio interface is practical and easy to use. It fully meets my needs in terms of customisation and flexibility"

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Audio Announcements Project Manager

Brand Identity and Design

"The collaboration with Voxygen during this voice creation project was efficient, constructive and friendly."

Elsa Sibileau-Verdon

Marketing & Communication

Brand and Media

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