Let’s colour your brand voice!

Voice is fast reclaiming its position as the preferred User Interface, and differentiation from competitors is critical to your success. From a digital transformation perspective, it is therefore imperative that you stand out with your very own Brand Voice!

Impact of voice on brand identity

Voice is becoming the primary means of interaction with customers and as such, it is the key component of your future brand identity and must be given high priority in your company’s board level strategic planning. Voice lets you develop a deeper emotional connection with your customers each and every time they interact with your brand, something simply not possible through type or touch. Consequently, voice interaction has a much stronger impact on how your brand is perceived. It is therefore vital that brands design and develop the personality and tone of their voice to manage effectively customers’ perception of what is said across all conversations and interactions.

A more intimate voice assistant

To build this deeper customer relationship, brands also need to ensure that services and content can be easily accessed through voice in a simple and intuitive manner. Each message needs to be understood fully, easily and without ambiguity. Indeed, brands that can create truly relevant interaction with the right words, tone, prosody and emotion will be able to capture the attention of their customers better than their competitors.

Voice identity builds trust

As an interface, Voice is unique in its ability to convey the deepest emotional elements that are the real drivers of customer value and, above all, trust. Give your customers a dependable, homogeneous voice experience that reinforces the quality of your brand.

A personalized voice assistant experience

So, why not give your customers a better one than your competitors can deliver? With Voice, brands have the opportunity to surprise and delight their customers with a newly enriched experience. Shine a new light on your products and services with a high-quality expressive Voice that conveys personalised information and reflects the values of your brand.

Homogeneous TTS Experience

By creating your own Voice, you will be able to propagate your Brand and provide a homogeneous experience across all channels. Use the same Brand Voice identity for each customer interaction, be that on your contact centres, your advertising campaigns, interactive terminals, website and apps; you can even voice your very own digital assistant. Your Brand Voice is always with you. Your digital spokesperson is there whenever and wherever you need it.

Voice as your digital brand

Voice increases business efficiency, generates its own value, and first and foremost, voice identifies who you really are. Now Voice is the stand-out component of your Brand Identity.

Be a voice, not an echo!

Our modern, digital world is increasingly dominated by the global tech giants. This makes it all too easy for other third-party brands to let their hard-earned customer relationships fall into the hands of the “GAFAs”. Brands risk fading into the background unless they realise what is at stake. From a brand perspective, the growing trend of “disintermediation” proposed by these tech giants is to be avoided at all costs.

Instead, build distinct and personalised relationships with your customers. Voice Commerce is an opportunity for all. Differentiate with Voice certainly, but make it Your Own Voice! By safeguarding a direct relationship with their customers, by embodying and personifying their services and products through their own voice identity, brands will stand out from their competitors, appearing head and shoulders above the crowd